Vintage Saab Club of North America

PO Box 4362, Manchester, NH 03108-4362


Vintage Saab Club of North America Subscription Form

(If you have already sent in your renewal, please disregard this notice)


The objectives of The Vintage Saab Club of North America are:


-To encourage the maintenance, restoration and preservation of vintage Saabs.


-To further the development and interchange of technical, historical and other information for and among members and other persons who own or are interested in vintage Saabs.


Members receive quarterly newsletters, service and parts information, technical advice, meeting notices, historical data, membership registry and club window decal.


Name ________________________________________________________________


Street ________________________________________________________________


City, State, Zip or Postal Code _____________________________________________


Telephone (Home)_______________________(Work)_________________________


E-Mail address for event updates ___________________________________________


Car data


Year Color Model Serial (VIN #) Mileage Plate

Car #1 _________________________________________________________________

Car #2 _________________________________________________________________

Car #3 _________________________________________________________________


List Modifications key to each car. Use a separate piece of paper if necessary.








Payment instructions and additional club benefits are on the back of this form.



Membership rates:


$28 for one year or $50 for two (USA and Canada Only).
All other countries: $34 for one year or $61 for two (Air Mail).


Will you be using PayPal? Check one. YES_______ NO ________


Payment Instructions:


If paying by personal check, Send Application and check (US Funds Only) payable to VSCNA to:

P.O. Box 4362
Manchester, NH 03108


If paying by PayPal, send remittance to our club account VSCNA@COMCAST.NET

Please Note: You must still mail completed form to address above when using PayPal.


Be sure to write a note on your PayPal remittance with your name, complete mailing address and the reason for payment. Example: 2-year membership renewal.



Please allow up to 4 weeks for your membership to be processed.