Vintage Saab Videos

The best of the web, as we see it from behind our vintage SAAB windshields.

Superb early ice racing in NY - 1964-1966
Watch some excellent driving by Saab 96s!

SAAB 96/V4 Rallying - Crashes & Action!
Watch "SAAB 96/V4 Rallying - Crashes & Action!" on YouTube (about 12 minutes) Major "ooops!" (Same car - 2 different angles) at ~2:10 & ~4:10. Some excellent cornering in many places too.

Masters at the Wheel - A Saab Rally Film
Super historical compilation of Saab rally history...

Erik Carlsson's 1964 Rally Season

From Discarded to Dream
From Discarded to Dream - a 30 minute video-interview about acquiring, rebuilding, and loving a 2-stroke rally car...
"Here is a link to my interview with After/Drive. Not bad for no script, no second takes and no talent to speak of. I hope you enjoy it."
Bruce T

Vintage Saab Ice Racing in Norway - January, 2012

Feb. 2009 Vintage Rally - lots of SAABS!

A short clip from the Monte Carlo Rally 1961 (50 years ago) with a sequence of Erik Carlsson rallying a Saab 95 Estate.

Super Rally Crashes! A Saab 96 doing a very fine rollover @ 2:27 into the video...

WRC 1000 Lakes Rally Finland 1973

Kummeli- Long Distance Runner

Project Laura

REAL Rallying - How it should be done!

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