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All the SAAB literature, videos and photos the club has collected

Over the last twenty years the club has amassed a very impressive collection of Saab related literature. The information contained in the archives has always been available to the membership by request. The problem was that very few of you ever really knew what the club had. You can browse the listings of road tests and articles from various magazines and old Saab ads on their respective pages.

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How to use the archives:

Copies of complete service manuals and spare parts manuals are available by request. Expect to pay around $60 each for printing. Manuals will be three hole punched but will not come in a binder. Prices will vary depending on the number of pages in the manual.

Archival research will be provided at no charge. Copies of a few pages or chapters will be provided for the cost of postage only.

Questions can be asked:

The following is an abbreviated list of the clubs holdings.

Archives content

Service Manuals contain chapters on all aspects of repair and maintenance:

Spare Parts Manuals contain exploded view parts drawings with corresponding part numbers:

Owners Manuals are the small type that are also referred to as "Glove box manuals":

Other items of interest:

Also available:

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