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This is a selection of how-to articles for vintage SAAB enthusiasts looking to maintain, repair and restore their cars themselves.

Service providers


There are not many businesses and organizations catering to vintage SAAB enthusiasts, but here is a partial list of some that do. They range from full service shops that carry parts and can do complete restorations to specialists who center their services around a specific component or model.



The club has a large collection of literature, photos and videos. The membership has access to these items and can request a copy at any time. The Archives page provides a partial listing of the collection, omitting some of the more obscure items that are of lesser use to most restorers and enthusiasts.

Road tests
Magazine road tests from the past! From all the wqay back to 1949 and the 92 to the not so distant 70's and the 99. Here are all the ones the club has in the archives.
Saab literature
Post cards, press releases, pictures, price lists, manuals, annual reports, and much much more. Here's a listing.
Saab articles
Articles on vintage SAABs that are NOT road tests.
Saab advertisements
Advertisements from the days when Saabs won all the rallies and ventured where others did not dare.

Part numbers and cross-references

Not everyone has an old part numbers book. But this is the next best thing.

SAAB part numbers
This is a listing of SAAB part numbers for all kinds of parts.
Hydraulic brake parts
Part numbers AND cross-references for hydraulic brake parts.
V4 engine parts
Part numbers AND cross-references.

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