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Bruce Turk dug out an excellent article from 1987 by Peter McLaughlin.
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How to optimize your gear ratios for rallying.
It's to compare speeds at 4,500 RPM in 4th gear on any vintage Saab. The more data we get, the more useful it becomes. It will tell us what affect different size tires have on speed and it will also tell us if we have a different ring and pinion then stock. It's also fun, that's the best part.
E-mail your data to Bruce Turk at in the following format: 1) Year of car
2) Model
3) GPS speed
4) Speedometer reading
5) Tire size
The chart will be updated periodically
95, 96 & Sonett front wheel bearing replacement
Note: Although this article is about installing front wheel bearings on a Sonett III, it can be used to install front wheel bearings on any V4 95 and 96
Two stroke car buying
Here's how to go about evaluating your two stroke SAAB purchase.
Two stroke engine rebuilding
Instructions for rebuilding your SAAB two stroke.
Vintage SAAB front end rebuild
How to tighten up your SAAB's front suspension.
Sonett brake system rebuild
A run through of a complete rebuild of the Sonett brakes.
Type III brake master cylinder rebuild
This is the article about rebuilding the Type III brake master cylinder that goes with Bruce's article [above] about rebuilding Sonett brakes.
Sonett windshield and rear window (II and V4) replacement
A walk through the scary but eminently do-able front and rear glass replacement procedure.
Sonett interior restoration
If your interior is ratty, these instructions can help.
Early clock repair
Time is off? Here's how you can bring that old clock back up to speed.
Floor pan replacement
Welding and the whole deal.
Removing the Sonett body
If you need to get the fiberglass off your Sonett, these instructions tell you how.
Floor refinishing
You welded it earlier, now you need to make things pretty and shiny again.
Engine bay detailing
Making the greasy-est and dirtiest place in the car... shine. Bruce knows gloss.

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