Brake Tech Session

Available on video, Saab brake technical training.

This how-to videotape was created during a New Jersey Saab Owner's meeting at the Saab Technical Training Facility and is lead by John Moss, Saab's Technical Training Master Mechanic. More than THREE HOURS of NTSC video on VHS leads you through many of the questions and answers as every brake system Saab ever manufactured is discussed - hands on - from the days of four-wheel-drums to the latest in ABS technology! John's been with Saab for more than 30 years, and he shares his knowledge and experience on Saab brakes (among other subjects) while detailing the ins and outs of every brake system. A not to be missed performance!

Just $32.00 (includes shipping)! Send a check or money order, made out to "Seth D. Bengelsdorf", to:

Seth D. Bengelsdorf
30 Puritan Drive
Port Chester, NY 10573

John Moss teaches Saab brakes

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